The Skinny

You always hear people say “I need a massage”, like it is going to be the most relaxing thing in the world. Don’t get me wrong, a massage can feel good and be relaxing but the some of the best massage to correct muscle problems can be pretty painful. If you have ever had a deep tissue massage, you know what I mean!


Deep tissue massage targets the layers of muscle and fascia (a thin sheath of fibrous tissue enclosing the muscle). The massage therapists uses deep pressure and firm strokes to try to break up adhesions and relieve muscle aches. While the long run benefits feel good, the short term action can be a little uncomfortable.  Athletes often turn to deep tissue massage to keep their bodies in top condition.

Some of the benefits of deep tissue massage include:

  • Reduction of chronic pain
  • Increases blood flow throughout the body
  • Improves blood pressure
  • Breaks up scar tissue
  • Help heal injured muscles


If you are looking to relax from your massage a Swedish massage is the way to go. It touches on the superficial layers of the muscles with kneading and circular motions. This is the kind of massage you want to get if you are on vacation.


Shiatsu massage is a Japanese massage that is rhythmic and sequential focusing on the meridians on the body. It can be very relaxing as well. It helps move chi (energy) through the body and release and blockages.


Reflexology is kind of like a foot massage. The therapist applies pressure to certain parts of the foot the coincide with organs and systems in the body. Some examples of this would the the tips of the toes reflect the head, the heart and chest are near the ball of the food, the arch of the foot is liver, pancreas and kidney, and the heel is lower back.


Massage therapy is one of the most healing modalities in homeopathy or Chinese medicine. It is also a great way to connect with other people or your partner for instance. Couples can connect spiritually, physically, and emotionally by giving each other massages. It can also be a great form of foreplay.


Using Massage To Help With Arthritis


Arthritis can leave you battling with day-to-day discomfort that zaps your energy levels and makes you more susceptible to anxiety. Our Friend who owns las vegas electrician can attest to the troubles arthritis have created for him. Discomfort medications and steroid treatments feature a lot of adverse effects, so alternative treatments like massage are well worth examining for all kinds of arthritis. As part of a discomfort decrease and management program, massage can be incredibly advantageous. Below are 5 ideas to manage arthritis utilizing massage treatment:

1) Set up Normal Consultations

In clinical tests to determine the effectiveness of massage as a treatment for arthritis, routine treatments revealed considerable decreases in pain. Increased joint versatility was likewise experienced by numerous individuals in the research study. Waiting till your discomfort increases to an excruciating level prior to choosing a massage, will not produce anywhere near the exact same outcomes as making routinely arranged check outs.

2) Attempt Various Techniques

There are lots of various massage strategies readily available. A lot of methods have the capacity of working well with arthritis. The certified massage therapist will thoroughly manage just how much pressure they apply straight on the impacted joints to minimize stress and decrease discomfort without producing long-lasting pain. Covering your requirements with your certified massage therapist will enable them to tailor the treatment for you. A few of the very best massage methods for dealing with arthritis discomfort consist of:

Swedish massage
Myofascial release
Trigger point treatment
3) Alternative Warmth As well as Ice

Needs to discomfort reach a high in the middle of the night or when you was initially rising, you cannot constantly make an instant visit to assist relieve it. Getting a versatile gel ice bag from the freezer or switching on an electrical heating pad can lower instant discomfort levels while you schedule other treatments. Rheumatoid arthritis typically reacts finest to cold when swollen, however some clients can just manage heat. Heat is best for stiff joints, while ice bags– when used right away after you understand you have actually excessive used an afflicted joint– can avoid discomfort from flaring.

4) Prevent Deep Cells Excitement

There are a couple of massage methods that do dispute with arthritis. The majority of arthritis clients do not react well to extended periods of deep tissue stimulation because it leaves you aching and throbbing for the following day or 2. Mild and surface area level massage is much better for individuals with joint

discomfort and minimal movement. Active kinds of massage that consist of positions and extends, such as Thai massage and Rolfing, can leave you a little aching later, too. Relax when including more extreme or brand-new types of massage to your regimen. Very first check to see how your arthritis reacts.

5) Discover Self-Massage Techniques

Lastly, demand that your massage therapist shows basic, self-massage methods anybody can utilize to decrease discomfort. A mix of moderate stretches and self-guided muscle release actions will have an instant and extremely favorable effect. You can tailor the treatments to fit your requirements and restrictions, such as utilizing rollers and massage tools when your reach is limited.

It might take a couple of routine massage visits to experience outcomes, however the discomfort relief need to last for a great while after treatments– and always remember to ask your massage therapist for other pointers that may help in resolving signs in between visits.


The Milk Of The Universe

Massage therapy is like milk, it does a body good. If you have every had a massage you will most likely agree with me, although there are the few exceptions who claim they don’t like to be touched. If massage is not your favorite thing there are several other holistic modalities out there that may suit you.

  • Chiropractic  – dealing mostly with the musculoskeletal system and usually the spine. Chiropractors manipulate the joints and connective tissues to bring your body back into proper alignment. Many people who engage in chiropractic medicine refer to it as getting an adjustment. Chiropractic visits have been known to relieve, headaches and earaches, reduce blood pressure, improve organ function, and help with scoliosis. There are many skeptics out there about this practice so do your own research and you decide if you want to try it.
  • Acupuncture – traditional Chinese medicine that involves the insertion of needles in certain meridians (pathways) of the body. The Chinese believe this technique balances the flow of energy, which they refer to as chi, through your body. Blood flow is increased and pain causing blockages are released. Some Western practitioners use it but have different beliefs surrounding it. They believe the needles stimulate nerves and muscles. Either way, if you ask me, it works. I have done and loved it.
  • Homeopathic – the practice of using natural systems to help the body restore itself and improve overall health. This is often the first path of medicine many people take in order heal on their own with having to go to the doctor or use western medicine. This practice often uses plants and or their essential oils used in certain combinations. This practice is becoming much more widespread as people educated themselves on the side effects of many pharmaceutical options.


No matter what your choice is on health care or healing, it is important to do your research and choose what is comfortable for you. There are many options out there and not everything is right for everyone or for each ailment.

Stay healthy!